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Bruce Cawdron has been involved with Oriental Medicine for the past 10 years. He emphasizes a therapeutic approach which combines Asian methods and Western standards and requirements. His interest in Oriental Medicine has currently led him to a study of other areas in the field such as...

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Tools and techniques used


A complete Japanese acupuncture treatment involves thinner or smaller needles and employs shallower insertions than Chinese acupuncture. Consequently, most patients find that treatments are relaxing and revitalising. Often, they are not even aware that needles have been inserted.


Moxibustion has very old roots in Oriental medicine. The applied use of heat to stimulate the body's immune system and nervous system has been well established for millenia. A wooly herb called Moxa(artemisia Vulgaris) is used and in the oriental tradition is applied on select acupuncture points to aid the treatment of a myriad of conditions.


Cupping is typically used as part of an acupuncture or body work treatment. It’s been part of Chinese medicine for over 2,500 years. The purpose of cupping is to move stagnant Qi blood and fluids in the tissues and acupuncture channels.


Tui Na (pinch and pull) is a therapeutic type of deep massage that has been a pillar of Chinese medicine for many centuries. Tui Na as an adjunct to the acupuncture treatment, primarily for structural and muscular injuries and conditions.


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